Testi 9

There are small jobs that almost anyone can do, and then there are big jobs that require expertise, organization, regulatory compliance, clear communication, and trust.  Our project was the latter.  The full restoration of a mid-19th-century shotgun in the Faubourg Marigny, which included new construction of a camelback, entirely new wiring, plumbing, appliances and fixtures while still preserving as much of the original structure and woodwork as possible was a massive undertaking, requiring the exercise of every skill a general contractor could muster.  Added to the picture was the fact that we were living in New York at the time, and very infrequently visiting New Orleans.  JAT Construction was selected as our general contractor, and Brent Theriot was trustworthy, organized, communicative, and responsive.  Along the way, periodic questions arose, and Brent was terrific in listening to our input and helping us to understand regulatory requirements and what was, and was not, possible.  He communicated progress exceedingly well, sending photographs of each step of the project.  We started a Google Doc to keep track of the appliances, plumbing and electrical fixtures, hardware, and other items which we’d purchased and had shipped.  While new to the concept, Brent and his wife, Rachel, jumped right in, keeping it up to date, so there was no question what was needed and what was delivered, etc.  There is more to be done on this old house, and Brent is without question our choice for contractors for the next phase.  We could not recommend him more enthusiastically.