Renovating old homes in New Orleans’ oldest neighborhoods can be tricky if you don’t know your ABC’s, or rather your HDLC’s, At JAT, we are expert navigators of the Historic District Landmark Commission’s rule book. When bulldozing and starting over is not an option (and we’re thankful it’s not!), JAT meticulously follows HDLC regulations to deliver a historically correct construction. This Creole Cottage in the Faubourg Marigny was no exception. You can’t tell by looking at it now, but the only original part of this home is the front wall and some windows. We painstakingly took it down and rebuilt it one wall at a time, per HDLC regulations. Pre-renovation, the two dormers on the front were boxed in together, but through JAT’s forensic carpentry experience, we were able to determine that the millwork went down the side of the dormers, and we restored it to be similar and historically accurate.  We added on to this majestic cottage and used white facia board to highlight the original roof line or “story line.”

JAT Construction is honored to have been recently awarded one of the prestigious Louisiana Landmarks Society Award for Excellence in Historic Preservation 2020 for their prominent renovation.