If the balcony on this home looks familiar, it’s because it made national headlines. It’s the scene of the famous beer toss between Brad Pitt (the homeowner) and Actor Matthew McConaughey and Drew Brees, who were across the street. In fact, JAT had just finished restoring the balcony the day before – it’s possible the paint was even still wet!  This French Quarter mansion and its slave quarters were home to (then husband and wife) Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and their many children. JAT was called on to repair and restore the home, which was suffering from hurricane damage, water damage and mold. JAT refurbished all the doors, handrails, balconies, staircases and replaced the slate roof with a black Samaca slate from Spain. JAT brought in Italian plasterers, per the owners’ request, to do many of the walls in the home in breathtaking Venetian plaster. We also worked with a local artist to turn some 15-foot Creole columns. The finished home was truly Oscar winning!